comic music uh huh


comic music uh huh

I had the urge to write the lyrically simplest chorus possible. Then the strange story, cryptically told, formed while walking around a lake while I was on a mini-vacation.

Headlines breadlines
Ticket down a brick alley
Met a ghost hanging off
A girl named Sally
I said, “You could do
With a little more meat”
She turned her head
And the direction of her feet and said

Uh-huh, uh-huh
Uh. . . huh
Uh-huh, uh-huh

T-boned shinbone
Took her out clubbin’
Got a handful of dollars
And some low-grade lovin’
The pulse and whine
Send the roaches all home
The dog knows patience
Will manifest a bone and says


Mean streets clean sweep
Blowin’ down the pike
Got a shotgun racked
And a cracklin’ mike
The sheep move aside
At the raucous red blare
The night grows bright
With the promise of a dare I say


New sitch cruiser ditch
Launch it off a bridge, Sally
Ride a black rocket
Down a salt-marsh valley
The sea closes in
Like the communist tide
I say, “Let’s go” and she
Looks me in the eye
And says


© 2008 Jim Hayes