music tell me a story book

Tell Me a Story

music tell me a story book

The is the rare (for me) non-fiction song, during emotional separation from two people in my life. 

Once upon a time
The world was larger
And you were mine, all mine
Giants patrolling the land
Were calmed by your steady hand
And I, so was I

Turn back the cover
Tuck me in tight
Give me some words
To soften the night
Tell me a story
With longing and tears
Heroes and laughter
And if I drift
Remember me in
The ever after

Once upon a time
Your stride was longer
And covered miles and miles
Seven-league boots on my feet
Kept time with your steady beat
In two, just us two


As the leaves turn and yellow with age
More and more we seem less and less
And less on the same page
Not everything fell true in our story line
But always I had you
Once upon a time. . .

My heart was lighter
And with a push I could fly
Now all my carpets stay on the ground
Without you around To dim the lamp and slowly. . .


Remember me in
The ever after
Once upon a time

© 2006 Jim Hayes