Design Tip du Jour #1: Forecast: Whiteout

This is the first of an ongoing series to help people be better designers, but not better than me. Collect them all!

When making typographical errors in your word processing documents, you should avoid painting type correction fluid directly onto the monitor screen. Most popular brands of white-out use the chemical Aryan-12. Not only is it considered toxic and stupid, but it causes consternation among the other pixels. Some artists mix a concoction of 2 parts bleach to 1 part water and vermouth, which is then airbrushed onto the screen. But since nearly all “airbrushing” these days is done in Photoshop, and I haven’t yet had any luck getting the mixture into the computer without creating an urgent need for office evacuation, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS METHOD.

The best solution seems to be creating a whispering campaign to make your “mistake” an acceptable new addition to our great language.