Cerberus Godzilla Gidorah


Cerberus Godzilla Gidorah

I heard the classic, “I Hear You Knockin’” on the radio, and I just took the first line and sang the first verse of a new song. Then “bad things come in threes” followed, which naturally led to the famed hell-hound. Staci Harris was kind to lend me her awesome voice and work it over two octaves.

I hear you knockin’
I hear you bang and shake and ring
Just keep on walkin’
And blow whichever way you lean
Don’t leave so much as
A cooling shadow at my feet
I’ll pull no punches
If again we meet

They say that bad things come in threes
When it’s you who needs two
More to make the trio-oh
A Cerberus in silky sleaze
Chewin’ up my heart
Like a three-headed bad dog
B-b-bow wow one two three
Three headed bad dog Oh, oh
B-b-bow wow one two three
Three headed bad dog

Three mouths are calling
One filled with honey for my ears
Another whistles
With lips that kiss and call me dear
The third one bristles
With dagger teeth and razor tongue
It spits its missles
Till Armageddon


Promises of heaven told in long cool lies
Only pull so hard against a fool gone wise
You twist the key in me with a love hate spell
But the only doors you open are the gates of hell

I lived the myth and
A part of me wants to repeat
But it’s all quicksand
There’s nothing solid under feet
So take your tricks and
Your way of charming the ladies
Across the Styx and
Give my regards to old Hades


© 2009 Jim Hayes